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MES Contractor Enlistment

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Every Organisation or Person who wish to do Tenders of Military Engineer Services (MES) and its related associates need to go to Enlistment Process Of MES.

Enlistment process is being offered to all eligible contractors once in five years. you may contact any of CWE/CEs to Complete Enlistment Process.


Generally Following Documents Required

  • Proof of Date of Commencement of Business ( MOA,AOA, COI/Partnership Deed)

  • 2 work order (PO)which has higher value ( Completion Should Not be Older than 5 Years from Now). ( work contract agreement with BOQ, completion certificate,Final Bill, TDS deduction details (26AS) and certificate if any.)

  • Pan Card, AAdhaar card, Photo of Directors/partners or proprietor as the case may be.

  • Board Resolution and Authorisation letter as the case may be

  • CA Certificate about the turnover of last two years

  • Bank Solvency certificate applicable with class

  • Working capital details

  • Total movable and immovable property details, that should be free from any dispute and should not be mortgage, current market value of property ( that should be by name of company only, 80 % of minimum reserve/assets shall be in shape of immovable property)

  • GST Certificate

  • T/P details

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