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Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB)

Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB)

Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board is a legal organization which was formed to implement environmental laws and rules within the administration of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. The board was first formed on 31st February 1975 under the Water Prevention and Control of Pollution Act but it was later named as UP Pollution Control Board. UPPCB manages, control, and implement other acts as well that are correlated with the environment. These Acts include:

Following Documents Must Be Joined Alongside The Structures To Acquire Consent To Build Up –

  • A covering letter expressing the sort of industry and partnered exercises which the business expects to perform. The letter needs to depict the total data about the item or items which the business will produce.

  • Copy of sale deed or rent deed which the organization has gotten.

  • MOA & AOA if it is an organization or copy of Partnership deed if it is a Partnership firm.

  • Site plan and design plan of the business.

  • Schematic chart of streets, forest area, rural fields, neighborhood, and other significant zones within two kilometers of the business.

  • Complete subtleties of the manufacturing procedure of each item to be created by the business.

  • A copy of land use certificate and land use change certificate

  • Auditor certification verified by Chartered accountant

  • Complete information regarding wastewater balance and underground water balance

  • A copy of Consent fee

  • Copy of groundwater report

  • Proposition of sewage treatment plant (STP) with complete subtleties of the treatment approach to be utilized and method of removal of waste by different units of the units.

  • Steps to be taken to monitor air pollution

  • Steps to be taken in case of usage of hazardous chemicals and data related to material safety

  • Environment clearance certificate from MOEF

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