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Factory Licence

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

As per the Factory Act 1948 it is mandatory for every factory owner to register their premises with the local authorities before commencing their business. Factory License acts as a document of approval given by authorities to carry out manufacturing activities. Department of the Factories and Boilers issues Factory License.

It is the duty of Factories and Boilers Department to keep a check on the health, safety and welfare of workers.

Factories Act 1948, says that a factory must obtain its building plan approval from the labor and employment department before covering themselves for a factory registration. Under this act, registration and renewal of the Factory license are also done to ensure the safety of workers.

Documents Required for Registration

  1. Proof of ownership for lease hold plots alloted by DDA, DSIDC, Delhi Govt. & any other Govt. Agency i.e., Copy of lease deed. In case the lease deed has not been executed, a copy of auction letter/allotment letter/possesion letter. In case of freehold property, copy of Conveyance Deed is to be submitted.

  2. A Copy each of the sanctioned Building Plan and a copy of sanction letter.

  3. Affidavit to the effect that the building has been constructed as per sanctioned plan.

  4. Constitution of firm, if any. In case of public or private limited company.

  5. Details of proposed machinery with H.P. rating.

  6. Affidavit in prescribed proforma on Rs.10/- non-judicial Stamp Paper duly attested by the Notary Public/SDM/First Class Magistrate (Download Annexure 5).

  7. One copy each of site plan and key plan.

  8. A rough sketch showing the proposed installation of machinery alongwith the list of machinery with power load (HP) rating.

  9. One copy of manufacturing process for the applied trade.

  10. Additional Undertaking/indeminity Bond/affidavit as prescribed for clusters of industrial concentration earmarked for redevelopment into conforming industrial areas as per MPD-2021 (Download Annexure 1 & 2)

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