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Electrical Contractor Licence Delhi

Updated: Apr 3

Electrical Contractor will require the licence if you intend to carry on a business as an electrician and undertake electrical work. Electrical work includes conducting electrical installing work and electrical fitting work. You may nominate employees under your licence to enable them to carry on electrical work under your supervision.

This licence can be issued to a sole-trader, a firm (partnership) or a body corporate (a company or other incorporated entity). The licence cannot be issued to a trust.

You will not require this licence if you are an employee of an electrical contractor. If you are an in-house electrician or an employer of an in-house electrician please see the in-house electrical installing work licence.

Electrical Contractor Licence
Electrical Contractor Licence Delhi

Documents Required

  • Any Business Registration

  • All Directors/Partners/ Prop. Adhaar Card

  • Any Authorised Signatory Local Adhaar card or Election Id card with their Photo

  • Authorisation latter

  • Self Declaration

Validity Of Licence

Validity of Licence is 25 years from the date of Issue of Licence.

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