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Contractor Registration in DRDO

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

About Enlistment of Contractors

Enlistment of Contractors is done so as to have a ready list of suitable and competent contractors for DCW&E, DRDO works so that the time required for verification of credentials of the contractors, at the time of invitation of tenders for individual works, is minimized. DCW&E, DRDO enlists contractors who intend to carry out works for DCW&E, DRDO. At the same time only those contractors who remain active and perform well will be permitted to submit tenders. Inclusion of a contractor in the appropriate category does not entitle the contactor to submit the tenders. Contractors are liable to be removed from approved list, if found to be inactive and or whose performance in quality and time is not up to the expectations of DCW&E, DRDO or does any malpractice.

           Any Indian Individual, Sole Proprietorship Firm, Partnership Firm, Public Limited company, or a Private Limited Company may apply for enlistment as a contactor in DCW&E, DRDO under these guidelines provided the eligibility criteria and other conditions are satisfied. The enlisted contactors have to abide by all the guidelines made herein and as amended from time to time, during the currency of their enlistment.

The details under various categories/services for which the enlistment / re-validation will be done are as given below:

a) Management of Guest Houses / Transit Facilities

b) Watch and ward services

c) Conservancy services

d) Arboriculture / landscaping works

e) Maintenance of Civil Infrastructure to include  New works,  Term contracts,  Retro fittings,  Internal water supply  Tube wells,  Periodical services,

 Water proofing works etc.

f) Maintenance of Electrical Infrastructure to include  New/Retro fitting electrical works  Internal electric supply  External electric supply  DG sets  Transformers etc.  Security & surveillance systems  Access control systems etc.

g) Maintenance of Mechanical Infrastructure to include  New/Retro fitting Mechanical works  External water supply  Air conditioning / central heating plants  Firefighting systems / Fire Alarms  Lifts  Cranes


1. The CONTRACTORS should satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria specified as given below before they can be considered for enlistment. All CONTRACTORS are expected to keep abreast with enlistment / revalidation rules from time to time. The applicant should possess and submit the documents for enlistment which are enumerated in the succeeding paras.

2. Registration for PF, ESI, Labour license and other essential registration required like Service Tax etc, as per existing rules, as amended from time to time. In case of pending registration, proof of submission of the same to be produced.

3. Average annual financial turnover of the CONTRACTORS during the last 3 years, ending 31st should be at least 30% of value of respective classes for which enlistment is sought for. This Limit shall be modified by the Enlisting Authorities due to administrative and other reasons.

4. During last Seven years successfully completed works either a) 3 works not less than 40% value in each or b) 2 works not less than 50% value in each or c) 1 work not less than 80% value, all for the respective classes.

5. Solvency certificate from Banks / registered financial institutions should be furnished for the value of 40% of the respective classes for which registration is sought for.

6. The fresh applicant should hold the minimum technical staff on his rolls / strength as specified against each category and class for the enlistment sought.

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