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Brand Approval in MES

To get approval of a new product to be used in defence units and stations , it has to be approved by E-in- C , New Delhi the highest body of MES.

You have to file application with all the requite test reports, product specifications.

After that EnC branch may or may nit direct some chief engineer units to test the product samples in their units for feedback.

Once you get the necessary approval letters from E- in-C may approach various chief engineers zones and the E8 or contracts section to get listed in the zonal specification lists, a book containing various approved makes against products and segregated into different categories . Try to get in the ‘A’ category as they are used mostly.

Documents Required for same are as follows

  1. Self certificate that the manufacturing unit is an approved industrial area along with details of the industry area.

  2. manufacturing unit should either have SSI or NSIC registration 

  3. valid Pollution Control Licence issued by state/centre

  4. Audited Annual Reports / Balance sheet & Profit & loss account etc. for the last 5 years.

  5. Form 26AS last 5 years

  6. Bank Statement - 5 years

  7. Technical Staff Details with Kyc and Education proof

  8. Board Resolution to appoint signing Authority

  9. Directors KYCs

  10. Documents related to PAN, CST, VAT,GST,Excise, PF, Service Tax, ESIC etc.

  11. Organisation details wrt Registration Certificate, MOA / AOA etc.

  12. Technical and Detailed Specification of Products 

  13. Test Certificate of Products form Approved Government Laboratories with conformity with IS Code/international Code

  14. Current and valid IS/BIS certificate 

  15. Advantages of the product as compared to Other similar products available in market.

  16. Factory, Registered Office and Branch details.

  17. Present uses of Products

  18. Uses of Products in MES/Other Government Departments

  19. Products catalogue 

  20. List of early Approvals by Government/MES/PSU of the same products

  21. Feedback Report of existing Clients/Customers

  22. Quality Assurance Details

  23. List of Plant and machinery 

  24. List of Quality Control Equipments 

  25. Availability of after sale services for mechanical equipments.

  26. Affidavit Regarding sister concerns 

  27. List of dealer network in India 

  28. Price List and cost analysis with respect to equivalent products available in market

  29. clearance from CPCB, income tax, labour, excise, GST or any other as applicable

  30. Raw material Details

  31. Photographs of Office, factory and also in CD form

  32. Affidavit in prescribed format 

Note:- Other Documents may be asked by Authorities as they deemed feet.

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